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Your Catch

We work closely with every client from the water to the cutting board to final delivery, ensuring complete satisfaction. Contact us for more information regarding preservation and shipping.

Fish skulls are delicate.  Consider this when handling your catch boat side and holding for photographs. It helps not to spear, gaff or harpoon the fish in the head - if possible. Although this may add character to your skull, it also may damage it and generate repairs. Dispatch the fish in the water, again if possible. Letting the fish thrash on the deck or in a fish box will shatter its best detail. Don't drag or carry it around it by its mouth, as some fish will lose most of their teeth. Don't pick up or drag your catch around by the throat, eyes or gills either. As an angler, I completely understand that the perfect preservation scenario is rare and with large trophy fish, nearly impossible. Use these instructions as guidelines.

Using a saw or sharp knife, cut the head off behind the pectoral fin straight through the body and trim the remaining fins back with scissors. Remove the organs that remain in the chest cavity. Wrap in several garbage bags & freeze solid or ice until delivery. When a fish has commercial value for their meat, the above-mentioned method may not be available. Please contact us for support and instruction.

Keep the head as fresh as the fillets and secure in ice until delivery or arrival to a freezer. It cannot begin to decompose. Some skulls can fit in a freezer & some may not. Swordfish, Bluefin tuna and / or other extra large fish will require special accommodations with special coolers, walk-in freezers or rapid shipment. Please contact me for support with these trophy fish.

Thank you for your interest!

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