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Dakus Bones Classic Skulls are available to anglers, spear fishermen, collectors and institutions.  These are 100% natural bone custom marine fish skull articulations.  

Having started more than 20 years ago during childhood, my fascination and wonder for skulls only increases with time. The skull: Arguable center of consciousness; housing for sight, sound, thought and taste. Just some life blueprints with endlessly fascinating architecture that happened to captivate me with mystery, complexity and wonder. Bones grow in us, with us, and remain after us.

To approach a perfect, harmonious representation of the fish skull, I was led to continual discovery, consultation and experimenting.  Art and science blended—the harmony of composition, color and symmetry with balancing chemistry, anatomy and physiology.   

Osteichthyes, or bony fish, have skulls infinitely different from other members of the vertebrae-sided animal kingdom.  Many unfused individual bones present a formidable preservation challenge when delivering a museum-quality articulated appearance within realistic durability standards.  Each fish embodies the natural unique characteristics of the individual. No two skulls are ever alike, even within species.


I take great pride in the creation of truly one-of-a-kind museum quality specimens that integrate detail and craftsmanship to last a lifetime. These custom creations are available to immortalize and capture the artistic beauty within fish osteology and nature itself.



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